Cajun Fried Turkey

In honor of tomorrow, Cajun Fried Turkey:

This is something I thought I was wrong about, but I wasn’t. Does that make me right, or does that make me wrong twice?

When I heard the term “Cajun fried turkey”, I envisioned a whole turkey, deep-fried until it was all crusty and black. And I laughed at myself, for thinking that anyone could cook such a thing or would eat such an object. But they can and they do.

There are these big deep fryers that are supposed to be used outside. The turkey is put into the empty fryer and covered with water. Then the turkey is removed and the water is measured so it can be replaced (after the cooker has been dried) with an equal amount of oil. The turkey is dried and rubbed with seasonings. After the oil has been heated for about an hour, the turkey is lowered into the fryer and left there until it looks like a turkey charcoal briquette.

I’m told the result is delicious. The quick, hot cooking seals in the juices, producing meat that is succulent and completely non-greasy.

I’m entirely willing to give it a try, if somebody will cook it somewhere else and bring it here. As clumsy as I am, I’d be a fool to get within five miles of a pot of boiling oil, and I’d be a super-fool to try to cook anything for which one of the listed pieces of equipment is “all-purpose fire extinguisher”.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: A character must cook something they are not naturally equipped to cook.


The Wild and the Tame

This has been a week for animals — the wild and the tame.

Taking the tame first, yes, the cats are released from durance vile. So far, so good.

As for the wild, Charlie told me I missed a major migration of about two dozen deer across the side yard. He didn’t say if they were driving Conestoga wagons. Wait a minute and I’ll ask him.

He says no.

Then these guys came up to flaunt themselves before our almost-vegetarian eyes.

Wild and the TameYes, that close to the car. What are they? They’re wild turkeys. I knew we had them. We’ve seen them before, but not so many at once.

They went down into the woods. Then the wind started blowing like all get-out and leaves and spinners came down like solid rain and the turkeys freaked out. They were like, “Wind, stop it! You’re freakin’ me out, man!” They came out of the woods and calmed down, and went back in.

Turkey Feathers FarIn case you can’t make it out at that distance, here’s a close-up you probably still can’t make out. It’s weird, how close they looked in person and how far away they look in the picture.

Turkey FeathersThat big dark bit that looks like a stegosaurus is a male turkey with his feathers spread. Just like in the coloring books!

I love living back here. It’s awesomesauce!

Speaking of sauce, I’m posting today at Fatal Foodies on a non-chicken dinner that couldn’t be beat.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: An animal freaks out at a natural phenomenon.


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