Imagination FAIL #amwriting #amrewriting

So I’m revising EEL’S REVERENCE, a kind of science fantasy (I guess), which has mermaids (mermayds) as natural beings rather than supernatural ones. Why do I have to revise it? Failure of imagination. You would think that a book with … Continue reading →

Uncle Phineas Comes To Call #SampleSunday

I’ve finally gotten back to editing EEL’S REVERENCE — yes, sorry, I’m keeping that name. Nobody has come up with one I like better. I can’t help it if it makes you feel all squiggly; you’ll just have to deal with it.

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12 Becalmed At Sea @StoryADayMay

A realization akin to joy flooded him: He could follow Marlin and tell him a breeze had come up and the boat had sailed away. By the time the gathering was over, the humans would all be dead.

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