Importance of Place With Marilyn Meredith #amwriting

I don’t know what I was thinking of, scheduling a guest during the A-to-Z April Blogging Challenge. What a maroon. Today totally belongs to the charming F. M. Meredith, but Eleanor Hardesty from A DEAD GUY AT THE SUMMERHOUSE will … Continue reading

Mysteries For Myeloma

Today, a message from Nancy Lynn Jarvis, the mastermind behind COZY FOOD. ~*~ Like Tom Brokaw, my husband Craig, the guy who did computer magic so “Cozy Food” worked, has multiple myeloma, a plasma cell cancer. He was diagnosed a … Continue reading

Best. Book. Ever. ANIMAL FUTURE by McGraw and McGraw #amreading

That hashtag should actually be #amread, because I finished it already. Oh. Migerd. This post is going to be longer than my usual fly-by, but I have to post everything the McGraws sent me, because they crack me up. Best. … Continue reading

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