Pimchan’s Nightmare #SampleSunday #fantasy

30CoverWomen of Enchantment and Valor… 

Adventure featuring strong female protagonists. Yes, the 30th in the series!

This is my third appearance in the Sword and Sorceress series; the first two were numbers 22 and 23. I also had two short stories in MZB’s much-missed FANTASY magazine.

So rush on out and buy you a copy! Makes a great gift, too!

Available at Amazon in print or for Kindle and at Barnes & Noble for Nook.

excerpt from “Temple of Chaos”
by Marian Allen

The bandits were too much for the partisans but not, Pimchan was gratified to see, for Nandan. Some townspeople had wisely run away, some had fallen, some were still fighting with more courage than skill. Nandan strode among them all like a temple dog, dealing wounds and terror to all trespassers.

With a jangle of a hundred bells, the barred screen that blocked the gateway of the compound fell inward and a figure out of Pimchan’s nightmares stood in the gap.

Small, dressed in rags, elderly, seemingly fragile, white hair and mustache so thin and fine they might have been spun by silkworms, the All-Father leaned on a gnarled stick with both slender hands.

No. Oh, no.

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A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: A character turns up somewhere your main character does not want them to turn up. Jane, I mean other than Gregori — that would be too easy. ~grin~


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No Scratching, No Fluffing #Caturday

the queenAmidala speaking.

I’ve discovered that MaMA doesn’t like to be fluffed. There’s nothing more comforting than climbing onto something soft and fluffing it up by scratching at it with one’s paws — not one’s claws, you understand, but one’s paws.

I love sitting on MaMA’s lap, so naturally I want to knead her legs and fluff them up. She objects. She doesn’t mind the kneading, but she doesn’t like the fluffing — or, as she calls it, scratching. Here I am, just after she has moved my right paw and told me no.

AmiStopsFluffingSo there was nothing to do but fluff the fluffy blanket she put next to her, curl up, and use her as a pillow.

AmiRestingSo we were both content.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR ANIMALS: What form affection do you show your human that your human doesn’t seem to appreciate?


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Late Opera Helps Understand Roast Mog March #FridayRecommends

Friday RecommendsYes, I’m aware of the events of this past week and, no, I’m not going to comment on them. Others have spoken more eloquently than I. Some sorrow is so profound that I feel like I’m trivializing it to even attempt to speak.

So I’m doing my thing, trying to brighten the corner where I are am.

I meant to post this last month, but I forgotted. Better late than never, eh? THERE’S AN OPERA BASED ON BRADBURY’S THE HALLOWEEN TREE, Y’ALL! How awesome is that? Way, that’s how! If this ever comes to Louisville, I will go see it in a skipped heartbeat!

Now, from the late to the early, here’s a little something for the holiday shopping season. You know how you buy something — maybe a new smartphone — and then you feel like you need to get a cover for it and a stylus and maybe a charm or a case? There’s actually a term for that. It’s the Diderot Effect, and it describes the way one new possession leads us to buy more new things. Understanding what it is and how it works can help us to resist it. You’re welcome.

I’m still trying to gear myself up to trying roasted radishes. I got some nice big ones, and I’m assured that roasting them makes them mild rather than tongue-numbingly hot, and they would be very pretty on a Christmas buffet table, but…. Has anybody had any? What did you think?

Here’s a Christmas ad I’ve enjoyed several times.

Finally, this wonderful candid look at one of my favorite things in the world: a baby geek.

Y’all be sweet to one another, you hear?

A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: Write about a Christmas that was ruined for your character.


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