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Happy Friday!

I’ve come across some really nifty sites this week.

One of the newer members of the Southern Indiana Writers Group, Brett Sanders, has a beautifully thoughtful blog with the subtitle “Truth is often concealed beneath the surface of an absurdity.” So far, I haven’t read anything absurd, but much that’s mentally stimulating and artistically inspiring. Brett’s thoughts are long and wide and deep and well worth eavesdropping on.

If you haven’t visited Awesome Inventions, waste spend some time there. You’ll be glad you did. Some posts are meh, but some, like these Useful Refrigerator Hacks, are definitely worth reading.

Author Terry Odell’s post What’s in a Meme? clued me into these sites to make quick memes from quotes from my books: Quotes Cover and Quozio. Easy and fun!


I made this in Quozio, then downloaded it and opened it in The GIMP and added my website URL.

New followers of this blog, Jess and Brandon, have a nifty travel blog called Watch Me Wander with lovely pictures and lots of sound advice. I love their philosophy: “We travel to experience the world. ┬áNot to check things off a list.” This post, How To Meet Friends When Traveling, has some good pointers about friendship at all times and all places toward the end of it.

Finally, Nancy J. Cohen’s Nancy’s Notes From Florida is the kind of author’s site/blog that professionals reference in showing people what such a site/blog should be. And she’s generous in sharing everything she learns, so it’s like a hard-to-beat workshop given by somebody who is simultaneously showing you that what she’s teaching you works. In this post, she tells you how to approach bloggers about their featuring your book.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go wash Munchkin’s feet. He thinks he can eat with his hands, and he isn’t very good at it.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: Go to one of those quote places and make a meme out of a quote you like, from your work, someone else’s, or that you’ve heard.


Four Of Us #ThrowbackThursday

Not sure who was taking this picture of the four of us. It must have been Grandpa, or he would have been in the picture. It’s dated 1999, and that would have made him 89, so maybe it was Betty Haley who took it, and Grandpa didn’t feel like being in the picture. Sometimes he didn’t.

The Four of Us

Four of UsThat’s Charlie, Sara, MomGoth (me), and Mom. Hard to believe I was ever that thin and she was ever that plump.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: A character finds a photograph and tries to work out who the photographer was.


Big Damn Breadsticks #Food

We had pesketti the other night, so we had to have Big Damn Breadsticks to go with them. Big Damn Breadsticks aren’t actually breadsticks at all; they’re actually biscuits. So I guess I should call them — and this post — Big Damn Biscuitsticks.

ANYWAY, here’s a picture of them.

Big Damn Breadsticks (or Biscuitsticks)

big damn breadsticksI started with Heart Smart Bisquick and skim milk, but stirred in some garlic salt and Italian cheese mix (Parmesan, Asiago, and Romano). I thought about putting some chopped olives in them, too, but I forgotted. Separate the dough into equal portions and bake according to Bisquick package directions.

Delicious! Oh, and pesketti is spaghetti, in case you never had or never knew any kids.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: Someone forgets a component of something.


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