Taking Back the Blog #Caturday

taking back the blogAmidala speaking! I am taking back the blog!

Sweetie Pie has had the use of my posting day for long enough. She has her Mom back now, and she has my MaMA while her Mom is getting her strength back, and enough is enough. Munchkin says we should be generous because Sweetie Pie has been so worried, but I think he’s just soft.

MaMA (Sweetie Pie calls her MomGoth) took this picture of Sweetie Pie, snuggling with her human, OUR human’s mother, our Granny.

spsnugglingThat’s all very nice, but where’s OUR human? Snuggling with us? Oh, no. OUR human is over there with Sweetie Pie.


AmialoneThis is as close as our human has been in over a week. This is our house from the porch of Granny’s house.

houseDo you know how far away that is? Too far for us to get petted, that’s how far!!

Send good wishes for Granny to get strong quickly, so MaMA can at least come home and scritch me under the chin. Charles has been taking good care of us, but he doesn’t love us the way MaMA does. Why, if I ever bit him, he’d probably be furious!

A WRITING PROMPT FOR ANIMALS: How do you show when you’re jealous?


A Rose Is My Imperfect, Colossal Vanity #FridayRecommends

Rose I’ve signed up to be part of the April A-to-Z Blogging Challenge again this year, so I’ll be discovering lots of new blogs, and I’ll be visited by folks visiting me for the first time. When those folks comment, I usually follow them back to their blogs and see what’s happening there.

One of those folks has already snagged me: Shilpa Garg, of “The Pink City” of India. Her web site, A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose!, is a feast of micro fiction, book reviews (of books you might not run across in America without Shilpa’s point you in the right direction), and personal observations.

Following Shilpa in India led me to “Sanch” in Australia, because that’s how the World-Wide Web works. If your name has ever given you trouble, read this post on Living My Imperfect Life and you’ll call up your parents and say thank you. Sanch has a perfectly good name, you understand, it’s just … complicated.

Want to see some colossal stuff? Visit This Is Colossal for articles like this one about a mummy inside a statue of Buddha. This, and much, much more.

You know what it’s like to lose a companion animal. Jason Sizemore just lost one, and has written a wonderful short article encapsulating the animal/human bond on his site, A Writer’s Vanity.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: Write something with a rose, a difficult name, a mummy, and a cat.

Two Of The Good Guys #ThrowbackThursday

Not throwing back very far: It was a week ago that #1 Daughter and I sprang Mom from That Joint. I was very glad to learn — too late for her stay, alas — that her beloved Southern Indiana Rehab Hospital (Sir H for short) does take “sub-acute” patients and she could have gone there from the hospital.

Her stay in That Joint could have been worse, of course. Her nurses, though madly understaffed, were good and involved and caring. Her therapists were stellar. And her roommate was absolutely grand.

Here is Mom’s favorite therapist, Casey. He was her Speech Therapist, and exercised her memory by playing cards with her. Also: he didn’t make her do physical exercises.

Good Guys Guy #1

good guysThis is her roommate. Her son died about a week after she arrived. Nothing, not even that, kept her from keeping track of the well-being of everybody around her. Her patience, good humor, intelligence, and compassion inspired me every day.

Good Guys #2


good guysI dropped in to see her the other day, and she said they’ve had a light outtage and two deaths since Mom got sprung.

They had a hand-held shower head there that I coveted for Mom, so I went and bought one. We used it yesterday, with me standing outside the shower using it to wash and rinse her hair.

I got wet feet, which threw me back many years, to #4 Daughter, who would get out of the tub or the pool or the rain and would sing, “I got wet feet — like a little seal — who just got out from a swimming less’n!”

Good times, with #4 Daughter. And props to #1 Daughter, who drove the getaway car.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: Who inspired your main character positively?


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