Mom Then and Now and Then #TBT

Mom is in rehab — NO, not that kind of rehab, the been-in-the-hospital-need-to-build-up-strength kind!

So I have some pictures to share.

Here’s Mom in 1950, when she was pregnant with me. It was given to me by my husband’s eldest sister, who was in Mom’s mother’s Sunday School class.

Mom 1950

Mom 1950Isn’t that cool? Isn’t she pretty?

Here she was yesterday. This is the first selfie she’s ever taken. You can see the concentration; she was saying, “This button here?”

Mom 2015

Mom 2015And here’s a video I took of her in 2008 before I had sound. Silly person!

Mom 2008

Love you, Mom! Can’t wait to have you home!

A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: What’s the silliest thing you remember your mother doing? Jane, I know you’ll have a good one!


Doctoring Hospital Food

So Mom’s been in Harrison County Hospital, and I’ve been having lunch in the cafeteria — getting a plate and taking it back to her room to eat, rather.

The food is pretty darn good, actually. Today, they had the best meatloaf I ever put in my mouth. But, as pastor Lori says, “Parmesan cheese makes everything better.”doctoring hospital foodSo this is my meatloaf and “Kyoto vegetables” (whatever that means) with Parmesan cheese on.

Another day, they had chopped chicken and I put barbeque sauce on it. They have a wide variety of condiments and seasonings (lemon juice, mayonnaise, salt-free seasoning) that a creative foodist could use to tweak the offerings, if necessary.

But, as I say, the food is pretty darn good to begin with, so one might not want to. Except, of course, for adding Parmesan cheese.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: Put one of your characters in the hospital. I mean write about the character being in the hospital.


Making Magic #Knitting

I don’t know what the real name for this kind of scarf is; I call it a magic scarf. I making one, so I making magic. Right? Of course, right!

Making Magic

making magicMy friend Bonnie Abraham gave me the pattern, cautioning me that she’s never done it on straight needles, only round ones. So if it doesn’t work out, don’t blame Bonnie!

Magic Scarf

  • Cast on an odd number of stitches (I did 15).
  • Knit 6 rows.
  • Knit a row where you knit each stitch twice. Now you have 30 stitches.
  • Knit until the scarf is 1/2 as long as you want the finished scarf to be.
  • Knit a row where you knit a stitch, drop a stitch, knit a stitch, drop a stitch, until you knit the last stitch in the row. Now you have 15 stitches again.
  • Knit six rows.
  • Cast off.

Now comes the magic. You hold the ends and pull. The idea is that the dropped stitches will run, and you’ll end up with a long, lacy scarf. We shall see. Mom and I can hardly wait to see if it works. :)

I’ll let you know!

I’m posting today at Fatal Foodies about the first cooking mystery I ever read.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: Have a character try something new.


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