Winning Strategy @StoryADayMay 6 #food

Wednesday is Food Day here at the blog, so Imma try to include food in my Wednesday posts. Winning Strategy by Marian Allen “Hawley and Latasha are bringing chicken wings and chips and salsa,” Dallas said, arms full, closing the … Continue reading

Historic Victorian Cat Owners Cook #FridayRecommends

Friday comes around more and more quickly, doesn’t it? You know what they say about life: It’s like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes. ANYWAY, I come from Louisville, Kentucky, … Continue reading

Doctoring Hospital Food

So Mom’s been in Harrison County Hospital, and I’ve been having lunch in the cafeteria — getting a plate and taking it back to her room to eat, rather. The food is pretty darn good, actually. Today, they had the … Continue reading

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