A #Vegetarian Happy Dance of #Food

Yesterday on Fatal Foodies, I posted my recipe for vegetarian enchiladas. I had rice and beans and sauce left over. So this is what I did: That’s it down there at 7:00, topped with chee-ee-ee-eeze! Then there’s a grilled little … Continue reading →

Sorta Samosas #vegetarian #food

I told you I got these two eggplants, and one of them became eggplant fritters. The other one became mirza ghassemi. Since the eggplant was the size of Rhode Island, that was almost an entire truck-butt of mirza ghassemi, and … Continue reading →

So There Were These Two Eggplants #vegetarian #food

I went to Shireman’s Farm Market. Yes, that one. — I’m on the market’s side, by the way. What part of “This is our parking lot; don’t park here if you aren’t shopping with us” is hard to understand? ANYWAY, … Continue reading →

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