So There Were These Two Eggplants #vegetarian #food

I went to Shireman’s Farm Market. Yes, that one. — I’m on the market’s side, by the way. What part of “This is our parking lot; don’t park here if you aren’t shopping with us” is hard to understand? ANYWAY, … Continue reading →

Ahmonz and Peeses Yummy #Vegan #Dessert

It’s really almonds and peaches (and other stuff), but ahmonz and peeses is what I imagine Nerissa from SAGE calling it when she was little. This is fresh mango, peaches, skillet-toasted slivered almonds, and shredded coconut. The only thing that … Continue reading →

Pickle-ickle-ickles! Just Happen To Be #Vegan

Our #3 Daughter brought us some hugecumbers from one of her co-workers. A hugecumber is a cucumber that’s — ah, you’re way ahead of me — HUGE. We don’t have any cucumbers in our garden this year because turtles, so … Continue reading →

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