Alexander’s Artichoke Sammiches #AtoZChallenge

Okay, the ink jockey this blog belongs to says for me to tell you she has what she calls a Hot Flash up on her Hot Flash page. Kind of embarrassing, but she says it means a real, real short … Continue reading

Crackadoos #vegan #vegetarian

Charlie was like, “Why did you do this?” And I was like, “I just wanted to.” And he was like, “Okay.” The secret to a happy marriage: Know when to say, “Okay.” I was staying with Mom while she recovered … Continue reading

Hakuna Frittata #vegetarian #food

A frittata is kind of like an omelet and kind of like a quiche. Except, you know, not. I got to hankerin’ for one last night and had the makings for one here at Mom’s, so BOOM. Spinach Frittata Spinach … Continue reading

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