Easy White Chickenless Chili #Vegetarian — Or Not

I started out cooking by using the recipes on the backs of cans, bags, and boxes. We had one cookbook, and I used that, too, but I also found that the folks who made the ingredients often had some excellent … Continue reading →

Electric Orzo #vegan

Every month, we get a magazine from our local electric co-op. The magazine is Electric Consumer, and it’s online. Charlie often tears recipes out of it and tries them or gives them to me to try. We’ve had some excellent … Continue reading →

Chocolate Chip Cookie #recipes #Minecraft and Mine

Here’s how you make a chocolate chip cookie in Minecraft: With your BARE HAND, beat the shit out of a tree. Make a crafting table. Use that to make some sticks and then a wooden pickaxe. Use the wooden pickaxe … Continue reading →

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