DIY Nosiness #amwriting

Here in the midwest, we have a reputation for minding our own business. We don’t. We just tend not to ask direct questions. That doesn’t mean we won’t go ask somebody else, or pump somebody for information and then put … Continue reading →

When A Story Is Bejected … er, REJECTED #amwriting

Before I forget: This is the first of the month, so there’s a new story on the Hot Flashes page. Now. The first thing you do when you have a story bejected is The Bejection Dance. Get that out of … Continue reading →

Mismatched Pictures #characterization #conflict #amwriting

If you ever have trouble getting enough conflict in your story, or if characterization ever has you buffaloed, try this out. In one of the many writing classes I’ve taken, the teacher said that we each have at least one … Continue reading →

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