5 Steps to Flash Fiction #amwriting

Every so often, I do a post on writing flash fiction. So here’s one. Get a core: a prompt, a character, a word, a thought, a genre. Attach two characters to it. Think of a conflict involving those characters and … Continue reading

Collecting People #amwriting

Collecting people is a great way to build characters. Not, you know, like The Collector, of course. People watching is the first step.¬†You go someplace public, like a library or a hospital or a grocery. Watch them. Listen to them. … Continue reading

Spam Story: Michael and Marisa #amwriting

Inspired by Holly Jahangiri’s story challenge, I began the story of Michael and Marisa yesterday. I think I want it to be a fantasy with a happy ending. I popped my outline into Scrivener and started character notes. I’ll go … Continue reading

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