BE The Bird #amwriting

Well, not the bird, necessarily, but, you know, the whatever. Say you’re writing a story about a murderer. You know you have to put yourself in the place of the murderer: Why is killing acceptable/inevitable/enjoyable? What does it feel like … Continue reading →

To Cuss Or Not To Cuss. That Is The Goddamned Question. #amwriting

This is one of the many questions most fiction writers must ask in most projects. I’m told that the coziest of cozy mysteries eschew all profanity, but it sometimes happens that the villain is a roughneck. What then? Personally, as … Continue reading →

Timeline For Multiple Characters #amwriting

Longtime readers (Hi, Beth!) know that I’ve written a Big Fat Fantasy called SAGE that has a bazillion or so characters. One of the tools I used to keep things tidy is a timeline. This was particularly important in SAGE, … Continue reading →

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