Timeline For Multiple Characters #amwriting

Longtime readers (Hi, Beth!) know that I’ve written a Big Fat Fantasy called SAGE that has a bazillion or so characters. One of the tools I used to keep things tidy is a timeline. This was particularly important in SAGE, … Continue reading →

Deadly Duck Into Good Duck #amwriting

I’ve said that you don’t want to overwhelm your reader with extraneous detail jumbled all over the foreground of your book. I’ve said that detail woven unobtrusively into the background can enrich the reader’s experience. Now Imma tell you about … Continue reading →

Ducks on Mars #amwriting

Last week, I talked about too many details overwhelming your reader. This week, I have to tell you about a television show that uses details bee-you-tee-fully. It’s called Life on Mars. That link goes to the Wikipedia article, but tl;dr, … Continue reading →

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